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Website Builder FAQs

You can add text to any page

STEP 1. Add a text block to your page

Click on the Add content (1) button to open the widgets panel. Click and Drag a normal text block (2) or a Heading into your page (3).

Text can only be dropped into the page body, not the header or footer.

STEP 2. Working with text blocks

1. Copy the text block. Copied items appear at the top of editor window and can be dragged onto any page.

2. If the text block is within a column, this icon opens the column settings

3. Drag the text block to a different place on the page

4. Delete the text block

5. Click anywhere in the text to open the text for editing

STEP 3. Editing your text

1. Click on the code icon to see the code of your text block

2. The Style drop down lets you choose different styles for your text such as Heading, Quote, Normal text and Code

3. Select your text and then click on these icons to make your text bigger or smaller

4. Align the text in your text block

5. You can select bits of your text to make them bold, italic or have a line through

6. Add bullets or numbers to your text

7. Add an external, internal or mailto link to your text

8. You can add an image in between your text lines

9. Change the color or the background of your text

10. If you select 100% as the lenght of your text, you will be able to see it all on your page, but if you select 50% you will only see half of it and a button saying 'More' that will reveal the rest of your text when clicked.

11. Don't forget to save your changes

How to make your site visible so that others can see it

The publish button

Click the Publish button to publish your site

Give your site a name

This doesn't have to be your domain name (don't add www), just something you want to call your site to distinguish it from the other sites within your account (in case you have more than one).

You can either close 2014images message and go back to editing your site or you can click on the link Go to site to see your published site.

Site settings

If you want to change your site settings go to Manage (1) and click on Site status (2)

Site visibility (3) allows you to set your domain as online or offline whenever you want to. If you have already mapped your domain to your site, you can choose your TLD as your Preferred domain (4) (i.e. instead of

Click on Update site (5) to save your changes.

You can change the template you first chose whenever you want. You won't lose your content or any information you already added to your site.

STEP 1. Go to the template picker

To change your template just click on the Theme (1) tab on the left and select Browse templates (2) to go to the template picker.

STEP 2. Select a new template

You will be able to see all the templates included in your account. Click on the template you like the most and you will be able to see a preview

STEP 3. Apply your new template

1. If you like the template you chose, click on Use template to apply it to your site.

2. Remember you can see a preview of the template in all the different devices by clicking on the device icon.

3. If you want to keep browsing through the templates, click on 'All templates'

Every template has a navigation menu included, and as you go on adding pages on the Site bar on the left, you will see the navigation widget on your page will show the pages you add automatically.

To edit your navigation menu, click on it (1) and the settings bar will display on the left.

2. You can choose if you want or not your users to see the navigation menu

3. Align the pages in your navigation menu

4. Change the style of your navigation menu

5. Click and drag the gripper bar up or down to change the page order

6. You can set an icon to appear by the side of each page in the navigation menu

7. Save your changes when you finish

Change the style of your navigation menu

Click on Edit Style and you will be able to change the looks of your navigation menu.

1. You can see here the changes before applying them to your navigation menu

2. If you want to, you can select a new font from the more than 35 we offer

3. Change the weight of the text

4. Select a color from the color picker or from the swatch

5. Click here to set a size for your font

6. Set the line height here

7. Set the letter spacing

If you hid your navigation menu

If you hid the navigation menu by ticking the box 'Hide template widget' you can make it appear again by clicking on the blue eye icon at the top right of your editor.

To setup an ecommerce store you'll need to work with:

  • Products - the items you want to sell in your store
  • Payments - the process of getting money from store customers to you, the store owner
  • Orders - a order results from a customer making a payment for a product
  • Shipping - the process of delivering products to customers

Use the quick setup page to get your store setup.

Quick Setup

The first time you open your store page you'll be taken to the Quick Setup page.

1. Give your store a name - this will be shown on the store page and other places on your website

2. Enter an email address - this is where you will receive notifications about new orders so it's important that this email address is one you check regularly

3. Add a product - to open your store you must have at least one product

4. Setup payment - to take payment for products you must setup a payment method

5. Setup shipping - you must setup at least one shipping method

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